16 February 2012

House of Croissant

House of Croissant is an interesting concept café that, despite being a new business in a new building, emits colonial aura. Sitting on the verandah of the café reminds me of sitting on the verandah at Penang's E&O Hotel (minus the ocean). It is located in Sungai Besi at Trillium, a new cluster of shop lots only five minutes' walk from the LRT (turn right out of the LRT...you cannot miss it).

Like most cafes, House of Croissant serves a range of coffees and teas and juices. Some are more unique than the norm, such as the cranberry-pomegranate tea. They have a full menu if you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Otherwise, there is a help-yourself wall full of pastries and...yep, croissants.

I admit that I have never tried one of their croissants (I know), but I did have their pineapple tart bar which was amazing. I also tried their kaya puff pastry. This was also really nice. They have a real knack for making their pastries very flaky and fluffy.

The prices are cheaper than most cafes. The service is good here, though the girls are a bit quiet and shy. There are also too many employees for the amount of business that the café has. Unfortunately, it leads to some staring (them at me, not the other way around). But management is friendly here. And the staff is constantly replenishing the multiple pitchers of ice water (with lemon) both inside and outside. It's nice touches like this that make House of Croissant a nice place to relax and enjoy their fine baked goods. I believe I just may make a regular habit of coming here.

My rating: 5 stars

House of Croissant
Trillium, Sungai Besi
56100 Kuala Lumpur

Web site: http://houseofcroissant.blogspot.com/
Telephone: (+6) 017-329-9517
Open from 9am until 9pm
closed Wednesdays