06 May 2011


I don't know why I have not done this earlier than now...but here it is. Mostly Malaysian Food is my effort to showcase some of my favorite and some of my least favorite eating places(and everything in between) in Malaysia. I love vegetarian food and will review those places more often than you will find on other foodie sites. But I love eating, so I definitely won't limit myself to vegetarian-only places. By "Malaysian food," what I mean is food in Malaysia. But I also won't limit myself to just that either. Now to clear up a few matters...

  • I am not Malaysian but am a long-term resident, so with an opinion, that makes me qualified to review the food here.
  • I travel a lot...both around Malaysia and overseas. So from time to time, I will probably include some reviews from outside of KL. No problems there, right?
  • To oversimplify, I am vegetarian...but that does not mean I don't eat any animal products. I love belacan, keropok, and curries. Have you ever had vegetarian belacan (shrimp paste)? Ya, me neither. That's why I still eat it. I will eat fish from time to time. Gotta get the nutrients from somewhere, right? And I am increasingly eating shrimp/prawn. So that doesn't make me vegetarian by a militant definition of the word. But I don't need the label to make me feel good or whatever. So if you have a problem with me calling it vegetarian, please get counseling or substitute your own word for it. It just makes it a whole lot easier to explain my dietary habits that way.
So I hope that answers a few questions about who I am and why I am doing this. Don't be shy to share your thoughts on these reviews and give your own opinions or ask questions. The only thing yet to be answered is if I will actually stick to this and make it a regular thing in my schedule. Wish me luck. Here I go!


  1. you are so cute... are you taken?

  2. You eat belacan? Even I was born and living in Malaysia I did not like belacan..... hehe I salute you Dato' K ... Wah, awak tahu pangkat Dato' ye?

  3. register baca blog U.. hehe